Neo died for us all…

The Living Dead

Posted by Cremizi on October 27

Today marked the beginning of the Halloween Masquerade. I Jacked In yesterday to check on how everyone was doing. A startling discovery was waiting me. There has been a Zombie infection in The Matrix. It appears it is isolated to certain neighborhoods within The Matrix.

In Richland: Mannsdale Housing Projects and Camon Heights.

In Westview: Manssen Park and Gracy Heights.

In International: Furihata and Ikebukuro.

In Downtown: Creston Heights and Edgewater.

It is unknown if the location of the breakouts is of importance or not. The Zombies will bite you and infect you with a virus that is contagious and can be spread to other redpills. If you become infected with the virus immediately take an Antibiotic to clear the virus. As for combating these Zombies, it appears that they are highly vulnerable to Holy Water and they will take great amounts of damage from it.

After doing a quick details scan I discovered that these Zombies are gruesomely revived bluepills. That leads to the question, who did this and why? Is this simply a prank or is this a great danger to us all. Only time will tell. Till then I highly recommend that all operatives build up a supply of Antibiotics and Holy Water and share it with fellow operatives.


From many, One.

Zombie DetailsInfected Operative


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