Neo died for us all…

Speak up!

Posted by Cremizi on October 17

So I have been making progress on talking to more of you. Today I found out there is still some factions that have not gotten in touch with me yet. If you know of a faction who is not on the Factions Page please tell them to contact me. If you see that your faction is not on the list, this means that someone from your faction has not contacted me and met with me yet.

Another thing I have noticed is that none of you have been posting comments on my blog. Please fell free to comment on anything. It lets me know that you guys are actually reading this. 😉

I hope to talk to all of you soon!


From many, One.


One Response to “Speak up!”

  1. epnyahweh said

    I wouldn’t say none of us have left comments. Check a few posts back. 😉

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