Neo died for us all…

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Without Neo…

Posted by Cremizi on September 29

…we would all be dead.

Neo sacrificed himself in humanity’s time of need. Without Neo many of us would not have even been freed from the pods. It was Neo who attained The Truce, that which allowed all of us who saw past the lies and false promises of this fabricated world to be freed from our virtual prison, and that which still allows us to free the minds of those who continue to do so. There are even those of you out there who have not yet been freed and may have just stumbled your way here. It is not coincidence that you are here. There is something that pulled you here, your never ending urge to find your purpose and the answer to The Question. If you do not know of Neo or pods or truces then I urge you to seek us out, we will lead you to the light in the darkness…the truth.

Of course, those of you who do know who Neo is and do know of the pods must be wondering who I am. My name is Ally but I am most often known as Cremizi, I act as a liaison for Michael. I help spread the message of E Pluribus Neo to those who have yet to join our cause in freeing the minds of those who reject the system. I also act as a point of contact for those with us. Get in touch with me, I hope to see you all soon.


From many, One.


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## RELAY Initialized

Posted by Cremizi on September 29

## Broadcast depth##
## Incoming Transmission…
## Cremizi // HvCFT Neo’s Hope
## RELAY Initialized

Did it work…? I think I got it…yeah…here we go!

All right, now we have another way to communicate.

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